The Far Bar Contract has a new change this year that impacts Real Estate contracts with relation to Natural Disasters like Hurricane's. 

The change of the contract on paragraph 5 section b of the contract references Standard G which is below: 

Standard G. Force Majeure

New time frames apply when transaction involves Force Majeure.

Closing may be extended up to 7 days once insurance becomes available and closing services are restored following the Force Majeure.  Previously the contract provided for an extension up to 3 days. 

In the event Force Majeure delays performance of the contract, the parties are now bound to the contract up to 30 days after Closing Date. Previously, the timeframe to extend performance under the contract after a Force Majeure was a negotiable term with a default of 14 days after Closing Date.  

Of course if a property you are buying or selling is impacted by a Hurricane it is best to consult an attorney to learn how your transaction will be affected.